Michael Cope on Proverbs 7:4, 5

Say unto wisdom, Thou art my sister: & call understanding thy kinswoman:
That they may keep thee from the strange woman, even from the stranger that is smooth in her words.

For as much as we have neither wisdom nor knowledge, but so much as the Word of God doth print in our hearts, and that it pleaseth him to give us: we ought to understand that Solomon would have us like unto the blessed man (Ps. 1:1): so doing, wisdom should be as our sister, & understanding should be familiar unto us, & we shall be contented to love wisdom, and understanding shall keep us contiual company, and so shall we not be given to seek dishonest company, nor will not suffer ourselves to be deceived with the flattering speeches of whores. Solomon doth signify it by that which followeth, saying,

That they may keep thee, &c. It is by wisdom and understanding then that we obtain life: and by the use of the Word, that we escape whoredom and adultery, and not by man's wisdom, nor by our free will.

-A Godly and learned Exposition upon the Proverbs of Solomon, 1580



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